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Setting Up and Maintaining a Saltwater Aquarium

If you are considering setting up an aquarium you do need to be aware that saltwater aquariums are more of a challenge to setup and maintain than freshwater tanks.

Saltwater aquariums are very touchy when it comes to water chemistry and other factors so you must be careful and have the proper know-how to maintain it. When it comes to aquarium creatures, the saltwater tank can have a much wider diversity of marine life than a freshwater tank. Saltwater aquariums allow you to have multi-colored fish that originate from the ocean reefs. Other creatures that you can place in a saltwater tank include anemones, crustaceans, live coral, as well as other unique sea creatures. The diversity of creatures that live in the ocean can really give your saltwater aquarium a tropical feeling.

This is a big reason why I love saltwater aquariums in comparison to freshwater ones. But that is my personal opinion. Before taking the plunge in setting up a saltwater aquarium, it is highly recommended that you do a lot of research in relation to the creatures that you want to put into it. The more knowledge you take in, the more successful you will be.

Some of the basic items that you will need to purchase for your tank include: an aquarium, substrate, a heater, thermometer, filter(s), power head(s), water pump, air pump, and a protein skimmer.

If you a beginner, you may want to set up a fish-only saltwater aquarium. Why? Because it is the least expensive saltwater type and it keeps it simpler because you only have to maintain fish.

For more advanced aquarists; you may want to consider adding in live rock. Live rock is exactly that, alive! It has creatures and other things that live inside and on the outside of the rock.

If you want to try adding live rock to your aquarium, do a lot of research first, because there are a lot of different kinds of live rock and it can be rather expensive.

As time progresses and you become even more adept at keeping a saltwater environment alive, you may want to take it to the next level and try your hand at a true reef system.

Saltwater reef aquariums are very expensive and require a great deal of knowledge about perfect water chemistry, balanced lighting conditions, supplements, and filtration. These systems also require reverse osmosis water, and/or deionized water.

Nano saltwater aquariums are popular, but to be truly successful you must have an aquarium that starts around 55 gallons and goes up from there. The smaller the tank the more difficult it will be to maintain the proper parameters to keep the tank balanced.

Once you have determined what size you are wanting, then you must decide on whether you want an all glass aquarium, or if you want an acrylic one. Both are excellent choices, but both have their share of issues, so do a lot of research.

Another thing that you want to consider is the location that you want to put your aquarium. Putting your aquarium in a location that has too much light or too little light can be hazardous. Also, consider temperature. Wherever you place the tank, it should be an area that maintains a consistent temperature.

If you are going to place items in your tank, such as decorations, you want to make sure that they are suitable for saltwater. Some items can leak poisons into the water and with saltwater creatures this would definitely prove to be fatal.

You must also have a good filtration system for your saltwater aquarium. These range from mechanical, chemical, and biological. Again, do a lot of research on which ones will work with your setup.

Another important item that you will want to get for your aquarium is a hydrometer. This device will help you to maintain the proper balance that is needed between salt and fresh water. Most people are not aware that in a saltwater tank a little freshwater evaporates everyday whereas the salt content stays the same. As this normal process happens, if no new freshwater is added back into the system, the salt levels can raise to dangerous levels. So let me drive home this important point: top off everyday with FRESHWATER. Never replace lost water with saltwater, this will only add more salt into the system causing major problems. A hydrometer will help you to maintain that balance of proper salinity.

Let me conclude by saying that setting up and maintaining a saltwater aquarium can be an awesome hobby to get into. But it also takes a lot of knowledge and work to keep it stable. The cost is also something else that you want to take into consideration because it does take a lot of items to keep it going. If you choose to setup a saltwater tank, whether it is a fish only, live rock, or a reef aquarium, you will find something that you will come to appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

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The Betta fish is indigenous to Thailand. They were first domesticated in 1893 for combat where wagers were made on the outcome of the fight. It wasn't until the 1920s when aquarists began keeping them in home aquariums. Tips on Raising Healthy Betta Fish are found in this article.

Advice About Plakat Betta
The term "pla kat" actually means "fighting fish" in Thailand. The term was shortened to plakat betta somewhere many moons ago, and is used to refer to any short-finned mouth brooding bettas. Plakat Betta - The Hearty Short Finned Betta Fighter, are closer in genetics to nature's bettas, and their shorter fins allow them much better movement in the water than their more dramatic long-finned cousins.

Information About Black Betta
The Black Betta - The Tiny Hermit Betta, one of the smallest betta splendens, reaching only 1.5 inches in length, is naturally found in Southeast Asia and Malaysia. This is the fish that started the myth that all bettas can live in nothing more than a puddle of water. While its small size and poor-water tolerance definitely aid its survival, not all bettas share these tendencies.

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Having an aquarium in home will bring loads of fun and a relaxing atmosphere. You might need to invest a little time of yours for getting accustomed to it, but once you are you will get huge benefits. A quarantine tank is must if you want to put a new fish in your aquarium, you need to keep the new fish separate before introducing them to the main aquarium. You Will Kick Yourself If You Make These Mistakes When Setting Up a Home Aquarium.

Tips To Help Set Your Aquarium
Keeping an aquarium in your home is not only fun but it also promotes a relaxing atmosphere. You might need some time in getting accustomed to it, but once you are, you will have a wonderful time. Before adding any new fish in your aquarium, do ensure that you have a quarantine tank to put the new fish. Setting Up an Aquarium is Easy When You Follow These Tips.
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